Friday, 15 April 2016

8(!) weeks commencing 22nd Feb

Did anyone see where March went? I was convinced it was about a month since I last blogged, but when I logged on at last, I found it’s been almost eight weeks. That went fast! It’s the last day of Easter holidays for our students, and teaching begins afresh on Monday, though many of our Level 3 and 4 students – now just a few weeks from handing in dissertations that will be as much as a third of their final mark – have been around all Easter.

And my word, it’s been busy:  as you’ll know if you’ve been following my Twitter feed! Over these eight weeks, I have:

• Attended an IMPRESS workshop on Faecal Incontinence;
• Examined two PhDs (one in Bristol, one here in Leeds);
• Attended the first of Prof Stuart Murray’s seminars on representation of the body (reading Johnny Mnemonic, in this case);
• Built the WHISPER prototype and demonstrated it at two focus groups;
• Attended and presented at the CWUAAT 2016 conference;
• Killed off FATKAT 2.0
• Built FATKAT 3.0

All this over and above delivering teaching up to the 18th of March, dealing with family commitments during school holidays, and supervising PhD and project students throughout. Not bad, all told. I could probably write a blog post on each of them – and I hope to – but in the interest of quitting while I’m ahead (rather than risk delaying the update for another eight weeks!), I’ll sign off there!

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