Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Month in Review: August 2017

It has been a busy and (fortunately!) productive summer. The corollary to doing much and getting little done (or at least, little finished!) is that at some point things begin to fall off the To Do list. I'm not at the stage of having everything done, but I'm certainly in the "closing" stage of my summer To Do list. Things that have slowly trooped on are coming to a close: MSc and Summer projects finished; dissertations and resits  marked; a review written; an exam and a conference paper almost finished; handouts printed... a big grant getting dangerously close to signed off; big chunks of analysis software completed; PSAT calibration underway. Still a lot of open tasks, but I'm getting there.

I gave my talk at the Superposition on Humans, Robots and Puppets (with Anzir Boodoo and Samit Chakrabarty): it was a really good event and really got me thinking for the Augmenting the Body project. I finished reviewing Elizabeth R. Petrick's Making Computers Accessible for Disability and Society: a history of the development of accessibility features in personal computers from roughly 1980 to 2000, rather than a "how to" guide. I've written a new marking scheme for a module, and been setting up an industry-linked project for our students.

In September, I'll mostly be gearing up for the start of term: we're less than four weeks away from the start of teaching now; one of those weeks is fresher's week, and another I'm mostly in Sheffield for the N8 Robotics students network, and AAATE 2017 (where I'll be chairing a LUDI session on inclusive play). I want to get my exam written before term starts: I've written three of the five questions. And I need to prepare dissertation topics.

Busy times! I'll try to take stock of exactly what I got done over the summer at the end of next month, as term begins...

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