Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week in Review - 6th April

It's been a quiet week this week: between Easter Monday, a University shutdown day on Tuesday, and a day off on Thursday to take my daughter to the Legoland Discovery Centre, I was only actually at work or two days. And I happen to be on diary exercise this week: every year, the University randomly samples our work on four different weeks, so it can report to HEFCE about how our time is being spent - basically verifying that we do the teaching we're paid for, and the research we're paid for, and don't use money from one to subsidise the other - a reasonable request, in my view! So this week, HEFCE are mostly going to know that even when I'm off for three days, I still do 20 hours' work. That's value for money!

Anyway, it's been a funny week - two isolated days (not to mention a lot of staff being on leave) meant that it wasn't a good time to start something new. There are a few things that are going to come back onto my To Do list tomorrow, but or this week, I wanted to basically work where I already had momentum. So, it meant discussions with National Instruments about control boards or FATKAT, finishing off the processing software, writing my Fellowship application and working on grip modelling with Mark Mon-Williams (which is getting quite exciting, but being as its all cutting edge stuff, I better keep the detail under my hat). And dealing with student queries, plus interviewing a prospective PhD candidate. Put like that, it sounds like I packed a lot into my two days! Ah well, a full week next week!


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